Family Heirlooms

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What Do Our Family Heirlooms Mean to You? This was written on a single page of a journal that I thought was blank. The penmanship wasn’t mine, but it sure got me thinking. I have no heirlooms from the individuals whom conceived me. Occasionally I think about how it be cool if she passed down a cake plate- that woman could bake her ass off. Or how about those countless Christmas ornaments? How amazing would it have been to pass those down to my children and to tell them the highs and lows of my Christmases? I think of the tiny vintage soup pot with matching lid of my mother’s that brings me comfort whenever I want to reheat a bowl of soup on a balmy day. I reflect on my gorgeous vintage desk that is an heirloom and makes me feel like royalty and a boss every time I sit at it. The desk is beautiful mahogany, and the woman who owned it before me was a great mentor, true activist, a published author, and an artist. I reflect on a hat from my father that has become more of a piece of art as no hat seems to fit my head or contain my curls. I thought about the oversized pottery pot a dear friend bequeathed to me. This pot has made me a stronger gardener and strengthened my love of mother nature. Looking at that sentence has me thinking- what heirlooms will I leave behind? What heirlooms do you have and what memories arise for you?

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  1. This is rather a lengthy post, but you may find it interesting:

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  2. My Dad had a Russian Winter Hat. I so wish I had that now.

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