Goodbye Note

I had never thought to say goodbye to my coworkers in a formal capacity as I resigned from a position. Flipping through my career journal, I found this letter from a former coworker. I saved it as it is inspirational, and long ago motivated me to start saying farewell in such a way. I am a firm believer that individuals rarely quit people, they quit jobs that no longer serve a purpose in their life.

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Just remember a few things:

It’s going to be okay, you’re going make it (right ___?!?!) When there’s an unexpected (annoying?) detox walk-in whose insurance we don’t accept, when you get stuck handling a really complicated referral and you’re already slammed doing 5,000 other things, when a provider makes it difficult to get patients accepted, when ALL of these patients are showing up at once and you’re already behind on assessments, when something was passed off to you and there’s no notes saved in ______ when a nurse gives you crap for admitting a patient….

OMG. Remember to breathe. Take a moment or four or seventeen if you need to. Ask for help when you need to. These patients/social workers/ providers are human beings just like us, trying our best to  make it.

This work is fucking HARD. It takes a toll on our minds and our bodies. It’s so easy to let the stress win and become overwhelmed and frustrated and never want to come back. The patients we see at ________ are those who are oftentimes most in need of help, and it comes at a cost.

I’m leaving you guys a few candles FWYDIS  (for when your day is shit), so that if/when you need one to help you center or remind yourself of something /anything /anyone good, you can take one home and light it to help signify the beginning and the end of your day, to make space for it and then to leave it behind.

Working at ________   alongside you all has changed my life and I’m so thankful for it. It’s hard to describe what has kept me here for over two years, but you’re what has kept me going on my worst days. Don’t forget to be really freaking proud of yourself for the work yourself for the work you’re doing each day. Lean on each other.




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  1. Saying goodbye is so important – the virus is demonstrating that

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