What the Hell is Sugar Cane?


Sugar cane is not new to me, but as I looked at in sitting piled high, I wonder what people really did with it beside chew on it to get out the sugar. I placed a few stalks in my bag, and the gentleman smiled and me, and stated “Makes good syrup, huh?” I laughed “I don’t know, but I guess I will find out tonight?” Sugar cane syrup is made by evaporating sugar cane juice from sugar cane. The results yield a thick syrup that is sweeter than sugar. My hope was to use this for cocktails.

  • pounds of sugarcane
  • Gallons of water

In order to prepare sugar cane syrup, you need fresh sugar cane., a large pot with outer lip, a large slotted spoon, and a meat cleaver. I took 3 average stalks of sugar cane perhaps 2-3 feet in length and cleaned them thoroughly with a mildly abrasive scrubber and some water. After giving them a good rinse, I cut them into 2-3-inch pieces. Next, I topped the sugar cane off with water. Add up to an extra inch of water above the level of sugar cane. Boil the juice to a temperature of around 210° F. Once the juice forms a layer of foam on the surface and starts bubbling, you must reduce the heat. Remove the scum with the spoon. Boiled down the juice until it gets  to the consistency of syrup. It may take several hours for the sugar cane juice to get concentrated and form the syrup. Once the juice thickens and attains the desired consistency, turn off the heat and let it cool before storing.

Processed with MOLDIV

Verdict: This took all day. It did leave my home smelling like a confectionary. That said, life got busy, and when I went to pull this off my bar cart to make cocktails it was molded. So, I have no idea how this taste in cocktails. If I try again, I will use immediately or refrigerate

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2 Responses to What the Hell is Sugar Cane?

  1. adguru101 says:

    That does sound awfully complicated! A simple syrup (dissolving sugar in water) takes only a few minutes — I wonder if there’s any real difference in taste once it’s mixed with other ingredients 🙂

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