Judgmental Employees

Q: As a manager, I always strive to maintain a professional demeanor in discussions with employees. But when critical and judgmental people try to twist the meaning of my words, I tend to freeze and shut down. This ends the conversation and keeps me from achieving my objective. What can I do about this? – Manager 

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I love the advice Marie McIntre gives “When someone tries to divert you by distorting your remarks, say, ‘That’s not what I meant,’ and then repeat your comments and refocus the conversation.” I would add that this individual should find a mentor who can help him practice taking a stand with these critical and judgmental employees. Some people only respect authority when that authority is clearly demonstrated. If this is a professional agency where individuals are licensed, I would recommend they take a continuing educational course in active listening.

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2 Responses to Judgmental Employees

  1. jeffw5382 says:

    Ahh, the conversation where one is formulating a response without listening, based on preconceived notions and position-” I know you believe what you think I said but what you heard is not what I meant.” Classic!


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