How Educators Can Better Help Students

We’re in a difficult time. It’s harder to stay focused. So when a student needs to turn in something late, be inclusive of that. Grace is the most important thing. Ritika

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4 Responses to How Educators Can Better Help Students

  1. wynneleon says:

    Beautiful!! I am neither an educator or a student but I love this reminder about grace. It seems this year has drained that personal pool of grace so I feel like I’m swimming in the shallow end. Time to refill the pool!

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  2. I was at court one day and the guy was pledging for grace and mercy from the judge; the judge said he should’ve thought that about that grace and mercy when he was doing wrong; can’t remember what the wrong was. I was boiling. Mercy and grace is not deserved its given. Just typing that makes me hot. What I’ve learned about grace/mercy/forgiveness is to always extend b/c you never know when you’re in the seat and needing. Lesson learned the HARD way.

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    • msw blog says:

      Thank you for sharing that story with me it gave me chills. The lesson of grace, is clear always use your “power” for good because you never know who you may impact and who may impact your life. I think you will enjoy this short post on grace.

      Divine Grace


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