Real Life Rants

RANT to fruit and the fact that a decent cantaloupe apparently does not exist. I have thumped, scratched, sniffed, consulted and agonized, but it has been years since I can remember enjoying a sweet, juicy cantaloupe. They are too expensive to keep throwing out. I am done.

RANT to people who spread out a picnic in the dog park and seem surprised and outraged when our dogs invite themselves to join in. I would suggest a quieter (and less smelly) spot in one of the many, many more people parks available.

RANT to me for apparently invading someone’s space at Fred Meyer the other day when I accidentally tapped someone’s cart in passing. Bigger rant to the person whose cart I hit, who pulled off his mask, got within 2 feet of my face and screamed at me about it, claiming I was “running him down.” Seriously? My bad for being careless, your bad for being a contentious, dangerous person!

RANT to the UPS delivery person who delivered to Misty M. in Kent on Tuesday. It’s bad enough when you can’t be bothered to ring the doorbell or knock on the door, but you couldn’t even deliver my package to the porch. Instead, you left it just a few steps away from the sidewalk on a busy street, and I have the picture you took of the package to prove its shoddy delivery.

RANT to people who talk on their phones while walking outdoors. For me, it is my quiet/reflection time. I don’t want to hear about your family/love affairs or business dealings. Do all that at home and let me walk in peace!

RANT to library patrons who turn down the pages of books to mark their place and spill stuff all over the books. Checking out a library book doesn’t give you the right to abuse the book. How hard can it be to find a scrap of paper to use as a bookmark?

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4 Responses to Real Life Rants

  1. adguru101 says:

    Good list! I can especially relate to the people-outside-yakking-on-phones rant — that drives me crazy too. Ditto to people having extended/loud phone calls in airport lounges when there are business areas designated for this. If you MUST call, keep your voice down, please.

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    • msw blog says:

      I am always amazed by the stuff people share while  on a cell  phone in a public space. I am like, are you not aware we can all hear you. Please shut up. 


  2. Those are all good things to rant about. The turning down pages of books is a favorite of mine. How can anyone do that to an innocent book? I don’t care what you use to keep your place, a piece of TP, a business card, or a scrap of paper.

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