Diversity and Inclusion

Imagine an aquarium with a wide variety of fish from various environments, in different colors, with different preferences, and different breath patterns. That is diversity. Now imagine the aquarium devising a tank that is the right temperature, with a filtration system that works for all of the fish, and with the right mixture of food sources, so that each fish can not only survive but also thrive and interact with other fish in a meaningful way. That is inclusion.

“Diversity and Inclusion” has gone from being just a catchphrase to a movement, with everyone from the media to CEOs to shareholders to employees and customer’s having an opinion on how to best approach it. What has become clear though this discourse, however, is that there is no universal consensus nor should there be. Rather each organzation must tailor its approach based on its goals, structure, and culture


Positively Purging-I welcome your feedbacks in the comments and your likes and passing the real life wisdom on to others as I embark on this new venture of “positively purging“, as I know each of these pieces represents something…

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