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My husband always went to a barber who also took care of his ear hair. Since the pandemic began, my husband trims his own hair and ignores his ears. I told him he looks unkempt, but he waved me away with “men have hairy ears.” So, I bought him a trimmer which has gone unused. I think it’s important we try to look nice for each other, and I can’t stand his disregard for my feelings. Am I wrong?

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My first sarcastic thought was maybe he is growing his ear hair out, so he couldn’t hear her. The statement that stood out to me was “I think it’s important we try to look nice for each other, and I can’t stand his disregard for my feelings. Am I wrong?” My initial reaction was to say, “Yes, you are wrong.” This query reminds me of a post I did titled should I tell my wife she’s fat. I would be curious about this woman’s daily appearance. I also have the same question Philip has, why hasn’t she asked her husband if he would like her to trim his ear hair (before posting the query for all to see in the New York Times). Maybe he’s terrified to insert a small weed wacker into his tender ear canal. If she would rather not take on the task or if he refuses, problem solved! After all, this appears to be a temporary issue due to a worldwide pandemic. What advice would you offer this wife?

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  1. I totally agree with the wife. Now rather we should post publicly is another topic. Social Media is the new currency. When I was married my spouse couldn’t stand unkept toes/nails. Not that I had that problem. But I’m very anal when it comes to my appearance. The flip side to that is if my face and teeth are cute I’m not too much worried about anything else. So, it’s two fold. But yes, I can relate to her thoughts.

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