One Last Lovely Dinner

How to Host a Dinner Party - Part Two - MY 100 YEAR OLD HOME
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  1. You just about a hour ago, my little sister called me and told me my niece mom died last night from the virus. Yesterday, my friend girl called and told me her mom passed on yesterday as well. I was going to blog about it shortly but I’m not sure! As you know from my blogs, I carry others burdens and I have an exam due tomorrow by midnight. I’ve not even studied. Trying to study now! But my mind is drifting. I was told in nursing school everything comes up to distract you. I’m trying to stay focused. I promise you I am but its hard on today. These deaths have me thinking of my loved ones that I’ve lost and the things I’ve been through and Jesus has kept me through it all. How he’s been showing up in my life and restoring me from my tribulations. I’m full with gratitude but I’m also sad for my loved ones! I’m praying for stregth and tenacity on this morning! I’m pressing and trying to stay the course at the same time allowing myself grace to feel. To simply feel!

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