Questionable Etiquette

Is it okay to post something if it looked really, really good but didn’t taste very good? —Superficial Sullivan

YES. Once you accept that Instagram is a performance space, an app for entertainment, decide which role you will play. Selfie savant. Eater of food. Fitspo quad killer. Parent of a three-month-old who will soon be a four-month-old. Meme Lord. They’re all unreliable narrators. Best to trust no one and nothing in general but especially on Instagram. Assume that any marble is vinyl contact paper. Suspect every pot pie of hiding something (ugh, turnips). Only then are you actually living in reality.

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6 Responses to Questionable Etiquette

  1. That’s a naked salad with fairly bland ingredients except maybe the tomatoes. No dressing? No taste.

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    • msw blog says:

      The salad does, look blind, but it is beautiful and colorful and photographical. However, it only became delicious when I added a lovely salad dressing, and freshly chopped bacon. Which was not photographical, as the colors has been washed away by salad dressing.

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  2. I believe its okay to post whatever your heart desires. Your food pictures always look pretty though. I love the color.

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  3. adguru101 says:

    Haha, love “marble” is really contact paper!

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