Save Money on Groceries

As food prices soar, this advice can help you keep more of your money

Make a list. Write out your shopping list before you leave the house. This ensures you don’t buy items already in the fridge and helps avoid impulse buying of nonessential foods. “Cut back on snacks and focus on meals,”

Do your homework. Check out the weekly grocery store circulars, which feature the latest discount prices.Plan your weekly meals around these deals.

Put it on ice. Your freezer can be your best friend. If you find a bargain, fill your freezer with it. Egg whites and most meats can stay preserved in your freezer for up to 12 months. Not sure what you can freeze? Check out this USDA site on freezing food.

Skip the name brands. Also known as generic or private label brands — can be up to 15% cheaper than the national brands and are often produced by the same company. 

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5 Responses to Save Money on Groceries

  1. I only shop online. Unless I’m going to get greens.

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  2. My nickname is “First, don’t waste”, and these are very good advices. Thank you 🙂

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