Comical Explanation

Charlie Brown and Sally sit at a table.  Charlie Brown writes, "Dear Pen Pal," very messily.  Sally says, "You should try to write more neatly.."<BR><BR> Charlie Brown says, "Instead of criticizing me, why don't you get your own pen pal?"  Sally says, "I hate writng letters."<BR><BR> Charlie Brown says, "If you're going to get letters, you have to write them.."  Sally says,"You could write them for me.."<BR><BR>

Many of you may be wondering why I started including comic strips on Real life of a MSW. Well, funny story. As I have been purging articles and reflections, I discovered an envelope of comic strips. This made me laugh and I wondered “What else will I discover in this bin of mine?”

More importantly, it reminded me of the days I used to clip comic strips that recapped antics of friends and family. I would then mail them the comic strip in the spirit of happy mail. Sadly, the price of stamps steadily increases, the blue mailboxes have started to disappear, and technology advanced. This simply led me to send friends links to comic strips via text message. I, however, recently sent a few strips to friends and family and the resounding reply was “I loved getting those in the mail”. “This so uplifted my day”. I then dumped them into a beautiful bowl and placed them on my desk at work for a week. It kicked off great conversation with everyone, saying things like “You need to share these!” or “Can I have this one?” and yes, I got the occasional “This is hilarious, but is it appropriate?” (when did the world become so damn sensitive?). With such reactions, I have decided to share them with you. Yes, I am clinical social worker, but understand I am also human and have a funny side. Well, at least I think I have a sense of humor.

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12 Responses to Comical Explanation

  1. prior.. says:

    oh wow= glad to hear that you have a fun side – and too often people do become too serious – esp in the helping professions (IMHO) and no need to explain why you have comics – but nice to know the story.

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  2. Of course you have a sense of humour – and you feature a cartoonist with much in common with our work. I so agree with you about the importance of snail mail

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  3. AJ says:

    I would love it if people realized I am human, it’s like they expect perfection or that I’m exactly the same as them,😞

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  4. jml297 says:

    What a wonderful way to share snippets of humor – I love how so much can be conveyed in a handful of words and drawings 😊

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  5. pvcann says:

    Nearly spat the wine, brilliant

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