Meaningful Work

How do you make your work meaningful…

I ask myself everyday: Is this the best way you can help society given the resources you currently have and while maintaining your health? – Soheil Bakhsivash

By doing what I love and truly believe in without worrying much about the outcomes -Rajvee Patal

My work and career feel inherent meaningful to me because it’s the result of following my gut and creating my dream job from scratch- Delanie Fischer

Find something you love. Something that drives you to help others and to be better. Something that inspires you and brings out the best part of you -Justin Kiosky

Understanding problems brings meaning to my work connects me, personally with a person who has that problem – Rose Ruffing

Taking personal responsibility for my actions and cultivating a culture of responsibility for my actions. Our wins. Our losses. They’re ours. -Robert Santos

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3 Responses to Meaningful Work

  1. Reaseaorg says:

    Creating a culture of responsibility with something you love sounds a great characterisation of a dream job. Sadly such positions are hard to find in some industries 🙂

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