Real Life Rants

RANT to theft at estate and garage sales. People are coming to garage and estate sales to steal items. They appear to be shoppers, but when the site gets busy, they just pick up something and leave.   

RANT to all those restaurants that place salt and pepper mills on tables instead of shakers. Many of these mills are very difficult to turn and, for the older folks, especially with arthritic or weak hands, almost an impossibility.

RANT to a major home-improvement store. I purchased a new refrigerator and was told it would be delivered between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. I was working in my office and no one knocked on my door. When it didn’t arrive, I called and they said when they arrived they sent me a text. When I asked why they did not knock on my door, they could not give me an answer. The delivery was rescheduled and when I asked whether they will knock on my door, I was told that they could not guarantee that they will.

RANT to the Bellevue woman who was dashing between the crowded racks in the women’s dress department with her miniature dog following on a long leash. The saleswoman helping me turned around and tripped over the dog’s leash. She flew horizontally and bounced twice as she smacked her knees and body onto the floor. The department store should be proud of their employee who immediately tried to console the dog owner and apologize for tripping on a dog who had no business being in there. The dog owner just stood there saying, “It’s OK, the dog is used to getting tripped on.” I’m sure the saleswoman was terribly sore if not worse the next day. I’m a pet owner too, but really people, your dog doesn’t have to go everywhere with you.

RANT to whomever chooses the music that plays while you’re on hold. They should be forced to listen to it for the average hold time. It’s bad enough being put on hold but having to listen to scratchy, synthesized, looped music is adding insult to injury.

RANT to the Christmas tree farm on the Kitsap Peninsula that doesn’t take credit cards. It’s 2022! Get with the times! At the very least, let people know on your social media pages that you are cash or check only. I realize that it’s an added expense to accept credit cards, but my family and I were looking for a Christmas tree and wreath and didn’t know how much we would end up spending. We took our business to a competitor farm that gladly accepted our credit card payment.

RANT to Seattle City Light for not replacing a defective overhead streetlight at Northeast 90th Street and Latona Avenue Northeast for over a year, despite numerous complaints, as its ongoing nightly strobe-like flashing interrupts the sleep of the neighbors next door and across the street. I have even emailed video to your director! Shame on you.

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