What the Hell are Japanese Sweet Potatoes?

Receiving my new pantry box, I saw there sat two Japanese sweet potatoes. Right away I knew despite the shape and size these were no ordinary sweet potatoes. Their skins were a burgundy complexion, leaving me to wonder how else they differed. I Googled and learned the following: “Japanese sweet potatoes have a much sweeter taste than ordinary sweet potato varieties found in the US. They have a nutty flavor reminiscent of roasted chestnuts. The texture is drier, firmer, and starchier, and its concentrated sweetness makes them an ideal ingredient for making desserts.” I rolled my eyes at the word “desserts”. If you’ve been following my culinary adventures, you know I do not bake. This left me thinking about what to do with the Japanese sweet potatoes. I Googled “Top Japanese Sweet potatoes recipes,” and landed on mashed potatoes (yes, so American!). I skimmed the recipe and thought “got it!” Please note, I only used this recipe as inspiration. I added a homemade roasted garlic au ju sauce(instead of stock), which I had in the fridge from earlier in the week, rosemary garlic seasoning, and fresh ground pepper.

Verdict. Despite the garlic au ju and seasoning, these potatoes were SWEET, but paired well with the spicy jerked chicken we had with them. They were delicious. To fix the sweetness, I would highly suggest omitting the coconut milk and using regular milk. I also advise peeling the potatoes over the sink where the garbage disposal is located. The peels left a pile of confetti all over my island and cutting board. Would I buy Japanese sweet potatoes again? Yes, if they were in my pantry box. Would I seek them out otherwise? Probably not, but I am curious if you have tried them and how you prepared them.

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8 Responses to What the Hell are Japanese Sweet Potatoes?

  1. That is interesting. I have no idea what kind of sweet potatoes we have. Now I’ll check.

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  2. They’re much creamier in texture and taste delicious.

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  3. Pure Glory says:

    Japanese sweet potatoes are a favorite. I used a spicy guacamole, slices of radishes, some fresh salsa and a little whipped cream cheese on baked Japanese sweet potatoes, split in half and sprinkled with a little garnish of chopped cilantro. They were delicious and loved by all the guests.

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