Todays the Day Celbrate

She wound bright ribbons around her friend’s doorknob. Positioned the balloons in a canopy over the walkway. Tucked a note under the doormat announcing, “You’re ready for this!” She had done what her mother used to do at the end of notes: She kissed the paper leaving a sweet mark of connection and belief. And so, when her friend returned home from her first day back in school after all those years, a glittering scene awaited. The friend sat in her car wondering how on earth!!

While a big party can often make someone feel appreciated and known to celebrate a person doesn’t require a grand get get-together. We can give the same kind of feeling with simple acts as well. Helium balloons tied to a car for the coworkers who just gave his all. A wrapped parcel of bread and chocolate left on the doorstep of a young mother who needs a life. A set of paintbrushes for the friend who quietly admitted her dreams of becoming an artist.

Celebrating someone whether it comes with fanfare and crowds or shines out from under a doormat to be discovered later, is a heart tugging way to show someone they matter. It shows their dreams are heard. Their efforts are noted…and their life experience, even in the everyday or the unsung, is always worth a handful of confetti.

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  1. I love this. I went by Nothing Bundt Cakes on wanting one Sunday and they were closed. I’m getting me one thursday though.

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