Freshen up landscaping

Think of this as decluttering, but for the outdoors: trim overgrown hedges, clean up flower beds, collect loose branches, spread fresh mulch, paint your front door. “Those are going to be relatively inexpensive enhancements that will really improve the look and feel of your home,” says John, of Washington Appraisal. Still, he cautions that they’re harder to quantify. They might attract more buyers and potentially drive up bids, but “an appraiser is not going to say, ‘okay, because of the door, we’re going to add thousands of dollars to the house.’

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4 Responses to Freshen up landscaping

  1. I love a beautiful yard but its a struggle here in Dallas with the heat.

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    • msw blog says:

      Me too. Yes, North America, summer heat can be something, but there are plenty of wonderful plants for each religion. I am also sure you could find a wonderfu, talented landscaper.

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