Struggling With a Resolution? Try Picking a Word


I read this amazing and inspiring article. Without a doubt or hesitation, I knew the word that defines not just my day to day, but my life; is the word “believe”.

“Believe in the power of believing. Say I believe and believe it. Believe in fairy tales for what they can teach you about real life. Believe in happy endings, and know they don’t always happen. Believe in something, anything that gives you the courage and strength to continue on when it would be easy to give up. Believe when a friend says you’re beautiful. Believe it when you hear the words you deserve to be happy. When someone tells you something, believe the parts that feel right, that resonate in your belly, and discard the rest . Believe that you have choices and that you can choose wisely. Believe your own instincts above anyone else’s. Believe that you can do more with your life than you’re doing. Above all, believe in yourself. When something seems truly unbelievable, it may be worth believing. Can you believe that?” –Rachel Snyder


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4 Responses to Struggling With a Resolution? Try Picking a Word

  1. This is my word, as well. I even have it tattooed on the inside of my wrist 🙂 I love it’s flexibility and inspiration.



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