Real Life Rants


I love happy mail, but sometime a rant isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, we need to vent.Then sometimes, we just need to rant. We need to stomp our feet, form our hands into fists and scream. So, let’s rant but me first, I pulled up to my driveway  and there was water coming out the garage . Yep, a busted water heater. Fucking Murphy. I called my plumber (yes, he is on speed dial) and he was kind enough to come out and confirm my suspicions. He also provided me with measurements and info on buying a new one. I hope you don’t have to buy a new one; but if you do, this article  is extremely helpful. I also found a few rant clippings in my journal and though this would be a great time to share them.



Rant To my little brother’s adopted mother, who promised she wouldn’t shut his siblings out of his life and now has. We did nothing to hurt our baby brother yet you deny us pictures and updates about him. Don’t judge us for our mother’s sins.

RANT To the Washington State Department of Health for the fees to renew my license as a nurse, not only a mandatory renewal fee of $76, but also a $2 “convenience” fee, a $5 Center for Nursing Surcharge fee and a $16 fee to pay for a website, so my $76 license is now a mandatory $99 renewal. That’s gouging Washington state nurses; what a racket.

 RANT AND RAVE I’m eight months pregnant and took the Light Rail during a busy rush hour. Rant to the two men who literally cut in front of me to get the designated seating for riders with disabilities, leaving me to stand! However, big rave to the young gentleman who was already sitting in the third designated seating spot, saw what the two men did and quickly got up, insisting I take his seat. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it! Hopefully the other men took note of his impeccable manners.

RANT To the local candidate’s campaign who called my phone number 10 times within two hours Sunday. Guess who didn’t get my vote?

RANT To people who criticize others who don’t keep up their yards. Maybe they’re sick, temporarily or permanently disabled, suffering from depression, or a loved one recently passed away, or working two jobs to make ends meet. Maybe they’d like nothing more than to be able to work in their yard, but, for whatever reason, cannot. Not everyone can afford to hire someone. So, please, instead of judging, show some compassion.

What’s your rant?. Just let it out . You’ll feel better getting it out and I will feel better knowing  I am not alone.


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7 Responses to Real Life Rants

  1. Wow that nurse renewal fee is so silly,,,don’t they realize how much money and time it takes to become a nurse,, and to keep charging you,. What a racket

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  2. floatinggold says:

    I see the bus issue way too often. I even mentioned it in some of my posts. Example

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