Unlimited Vacation Days

I have never been very good about using all my vacation time. I feel guilty both about not maintaining work/life balance and for burdening my co-workers when I’m away. 

We’re moving to an unlimited vacation policy where we don’t have a fixed number of days; instead, we’re free to take what we need. I fear I’m going to do even worse on taking time off with the new approach. – Forget Vacation


I admit I had to read this article twice. The first time I got stuck on the phrase “unlimited vacation days”. I found myself dreaming of a life of Reilly. Upon my second read I grasped the seriousness of this reader’s question. I’m in agreement with Reyer, “Time away makes employees more valuable. We come back refreshed, re-energized, and with renewed enthusiasm for our work.” Not to mention, it’s imperative that when we work every day without time off we learn that our energy level shifts. When we’re exhausted and operating in a mental fog, who are we really helping? I also know many of us we do not have the luxury of “unlimited vacation days”. Therfore, we must find daily moments of self-care among our work day. My top three:

  • Savor the commute.  I often stop by my produce stand. This stop allows my mind to wander creatively as I think up dinner ideas.
  • Unplug. Working in a hospital and academia, I learned to take a lunch break away from my office and to truly enjoy my meal.
  • Stay healthy –Taking the stairs or walking across campus to appointments allows me a moment of solitude in what is often a busy day.

What’s yours?

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10 Responses to Unlimited Vacation Days

  1. I would hate unlimited vacation days. I agree that I already have trouble taking the ones I have.


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  2. jml297 says:

    Time away from work is so important. Where I work there is a policy of encouraging a minimum of 10 continuous days leave. This ensures a decent break but might not be possible across all industries. I’ve learnt to love my leave, regardless of my role or the demands of my job. I know for my mental health that I need time away and I come back ready to start all over again. I’ve already planned my leave for next year 😁 – I’m just that keen!

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  3. msw blog says:

    What a great policy. My main employer gives us 21 paid days (14 vacation days, 7 sick days). Like you I LOVE my leave. I know for my mental health that I need time away. I’ve already planned out my leave for the rest of the year. That’s how much I value my self-care. Thank you for reading.


  4. plankful says:

    Vacation time is critical. After 20 years as a therapist I know I need it!!!

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