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Real Life of an MSW

The ad for Protein World, a maker of dietary supplements, drew protests when it appears in subway stations across London in April 2015. (Catherine Wylie/AP)

I am the nanny of two 10yearold girls this summer, and I am concerned with comments they have made about their looks.

Both are normalsize, healthy girls with regular bodies, but I have heard them say how fat they think they are at least five or six times. One time one girl complained about her “big belly,” and the other said, “I need to work out soooo bad; I’m so fat.” Amy, these girls are 10! I always tell them that they are beautiful girls and are a healthy size.

I am wondering if this is the proper way to handle this kind of talk, or what I could possibly do to make these girls believe that they are not fat.

I do not want them to suffer the same selfesteem issues so many women (including myself) face.— Wondering in Illinois

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7 Responses to My Body My Image !

  1. prior.. says:

    well I hear comments like this from adolescent gals and tweens sometimes too- and last June actually heard an 8th grader note that she was working on her “beach body” – which tied in with your ad image. And it seems like this type of propaganda is everywhere – filling the minds of gals with a certain body image goal…

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  2. juliehcares says:

    And not just girls! My son asked me this summer if he was getting fat and said he needed to lose weight. I actually told him that he doesn’t need to lose weight. It’s propaganda, yes, it’s also the other kids bullying each other and calling people fat.

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  3. I think telling them that they should be happy for what they are, would be nice. But I think it has a lot to do with what their friends tell them as well.

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