Does That F Stand for Fat or Fabulous?

Real Life of an MSW

“When a child doesn’t read well, we teach. When a child doesn’t do math well, we teach. When we want a child to eat well, we what…”


Send home a fat report card (not joking). When did fat shaming become a school priority? This fat report card had me on the phone calling my friends with children. Many of them knew about it, and a handful supported it. My argument is youth live by your example. They literally live by what you cook.  I don’t know one young adult (excluding homeless and foster youth) who buys groceries. I feel if you live healthfully and cook that way, your child will embrace that. I opened my home to my nieces this summer. They knew I wouldn’t change my style of cooking, which meant there would be no deep fried foods and junk food would be limited. They also knew they…

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