Fashionably Undead

Real Life of an MSW

What is the scariest, craziest jaw dropping thing that has ever happened to you at your provider’s office (dentist, doctor, and therapist)? I truly believe I had one of those moments this week. I was reminded I had an appointment the night before (why do they call you the night before? Why not more notice? Am I the only provider who sends a reminder card at the start of the month and calls two days in advance?).

Though, I digress. I scurried across my metropolitan city to make my downtown appointment, arriving 10 minutes early. There was no paperwork to process, as I did it online (oh how every office should offer this service). The front desk greeted me and complimented me on my lovely trench rain coat (that warmed me up, as it finding a trench coat with a hood is like finding needle in a haystack). After waiting…

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2 Responses to Fashionably Undead

  1. juliehcares says:

    I would have walked out too! I was on edge waiting to see what he said. So no X-ray results? You’re fine? Hope so!

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