Health and Happiness

You Don’t Get Anywhere in Life By Sitting Still


I bought myself a treadmill . Yes, I am a runner. I know some in the running community will consider this machine blasphemes, but I don’t care. I enjoy running indoors as well as outdoors. With my crazy blessed life, I need to get rid of all the terrible bad things in my head at the end of my day and the best way for me to do that is to leave them on the asphalt and tarmac.

Now for you of those wondering how you find the perfect treadmill, here’s how I did it.

  • Be at the store when they open. I didn’t need a crowd of onlookers watching me run on a treadmill in the middle of the store.
  • Dress for the occasion. I went in prepared with sneakers, leggings, tee-shirt, iPod, water bottle (surprisingly not needed, both stores offered me water). I was also surprised to find most stores had treadmills located in the corner (I like to think this was for privacy).
  • I tested each treadmill for 10 minutes. I ran a song at full speed (this is a great time to test out that fan and emergency button). I walked various inclines, did sprints, played with the settings, and asked a lot of questions.

I truly stumped the poor guy at store number one- he was not a runner and knew nothing about treadmills. I, however, appreciated his honesty. At store number two, I got the best customer service of my life. The gentleman was patient and knowledgeable about ALL seven machines I tried. I spent an hour in that store finding my happy place, until a few women stopped and watched me as Jay-Z blared through my ears and my heart pumped. I could overhear their conversation “Wow, that model is working the hell out of the machine.” “Hmm, why do they always have to be so skinny?” “Do you think they would hire a real woman?”

Hearing this news, I almost had a Taylor Swift  treadmill moment. I thought to myself “Hello, I am a real woman; do you not see the sweat?” I thought back to an editorial I read earlier in Money magazine that read: “Pick the best health plan”. It failed to address anything about accountability for one’s own health and the subsequent expenses. It’s been proven that poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle lead to many major medical conditions and the massive expenses that are consequences. Before a person seeks out the best health plan, how about a life plan that promotes an individual’s best health? – Douglas Weiss

I love Weiss’, insight along with these upcoming trends to positive body image.

1. A Brazilian fast food pasta chain tries a unique payment system for International Women’s Day: Clerks ask women if they feel beautiful and give a free meal to anyone who says yes.

2. Coming soon: a new and improved Barbie. The Lammily doll wears little makeup and, according to its creator, has the proportions of the average 19-year-old American woman.

3. Pictograms on a pair of restroom entrances at Jacksonville International Airport feature women (and men) of all shapes and sizes. (Too bad the ladies still wear triangular skirts.)

4. A YouTube star is born. Whitney Thore, a North Carolina radio producer, has three million views for her “A Fat Girl Dancing” videos, which she produces to promote body confidence.

5. David’s Bridal stores use dress forms with less-than-perky breasts and even a little back fat when designing some of their gowns. Now that’s a wedding gift.


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4 Responses to Health and Happiness

  1. I love those trends! Thank you for sharing!


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  2. darienrae says:

    This is a great post as I have trouble running on tredmills. I usually switch to interval and weight workouts in the winter because I don’t get home until it’s dark and I don’t feel safe running in the city at night,, but this last winter I finally gave the tredmill a chance. It was a rough change, but it helped me worked on mile time!! I love the titlw of this piece. Thanks for sharing it!

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  3. msw blog says:

    Treadmill isn’t for everyone. I’m glad you gave it a second chance 😊 because we each deserve to be healthy and happy.


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