Holiday Boundaries

Real Life of an MSW


“Can I buy a gift for my client?”

“Can I accept gifts?”

“Can clients and students give each other gifts?”

Some clinicians may say NO giving clients gifts, others may say it’s a grey area. My opinion as a clinician is NO; you should NEVER EVER buy a gift for an individual client. This can often lead to splitting of staff and favoritism. I do, however, think group gifts are okay with the rule that it should not cost more than $10! Over the years I have given Redbox gift cards (great for residential movie nights), packets of skin tone band aids (great for nurses to hand out to patients, and nothing like having a Band-Aid that matches your skin tone), greeting cards and stamps, or a magazine subscription (do make sure it is appropriate- Entertainment Weekly is a big hit at the shelters no matter the demographic).

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6 Responses to Holiday Boundaries

  1. juliehcares says:

    I agree with you. Don’t buy one if you’re not going to give everyone the same thing!

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  2. Rather than a gift of any type, i would guide my staff and students towards a meaningful card highlighting the recipients growth, strengths, etc

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  3. Good tips-thanks for sharing!

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