Wardrobe Essentials for Work


I like to think I have fine tuned my work wardrobe. However, reading through this article, I thought I would share it with my  and interns as sometimes a check list is the best way to find some direction in what to wear to work. Reviewing the list, what would you add or change? I find the phrase “ tasteful accessories” to be very subjective. My daily accessories tend to be two to three bangles and a pair of diamond studs, while my coworker wears a beautiful statement necklace.


Wardrobe check list

Women :

• A nice pant or skirt suit

• Work-friendly dresses (nothing too short or too low cut)

• Dress slacks and/or skirts (at least fingertip-length) in neutral colors that can be mixed and matched

• Blouses (button-down or pullover)

• A blazer, cardigan or wrap (good for air-conditioned offices)

• Khaki pants or dark-wash jeans (for casual offices)

• Neutral closed-toe shoes. For heels, nothing higher than 4 inches. Flats are OK for most offices, but check with a supervisor.

• Tasteful accessories (nothing too flashy that could be distracting)


• Interchangeable dress shirts (white, light blue and/or pinstripe)

• Trousers (charcoal gray, navy, khaki and/or black)

• Dress shoes (for example, penny loafers, wingtip brogues, brown double monk straps, etc.)

• A properly tailored suit and coordinating tie

• Dark-wash raw denim pants (for casual offices only)

• Tailored khaki chinos (for casual offices only)

• Polo shirts with no visible logos (for casual offices only)

• Tasteful accessories (pocket squares, tie clip, a watch, dress socks, etc.)

Leave at home …

• Mini skirts

• Anything sheer or with holes or cut-outs in it (including cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder shirts, keyhole tops, distressed pants, etc.)

• Crop tops

• Shorts (for after work only)

• Anything low cut (tops and dresses)

• Flip-flop sandals and sneakers (for after work only)

• Athleisure wear

• Anything that’s ripped or stained

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