Modern Infidelity

My boyfriend and I are binge-watching Game of Thrones together. It’s fun! But when I fall asleep during an episode, he moves on to the next one without me! I feel extremely betrayed. Is it just me, or is this tv adultery?


I love this question, as every couple has the “stupid fight” and this is one of them. I also admit this advice column clipping stayed on my old refrigerator for years. It was always the best conversation starter- everybody who read it had something to say it and led to more questions like: “How do you cope? “Whose show was it first?” and “What are you watching?”

My spouse and I have finally agreed we will not watch Blacklist, Stranger Things  or Taken “live”, but binge watch them  together when we have time. No, this doesn’t always work, and the tells of betrayal are obvious. The culprit will gather a pillow and blanket (yours truly) and doze off, or my spouse will make snacks and say, “I can hear it, don’t pause it”. We learned to ask “why?” and always gave or received a version of “It was so damn good” “or I thought you saw that one.” At the end of the day we learned television and couple time is important, as nothing beats seeing someone else’s reaction when something big happens.

What do mean, you expected me home later!?  And why are you watching "Breaking Bad" season 3 alone?  We had only reach the last episodes of season 1!  Together! Modern infidelity


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  1. Paola says:

    So true 😉

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