Time off from work …

I would like to find another job, but my work schedule makes it difficult to arrange interviews. Using vacation time might seem like the logical solution, but that’s not possible here. Due to the nature of our business, management requires vacation requests to be made 30 days in advance.

If I ask for time off on short notice, my boss will expect me to give him a reason. I’m not very good at lying, and I don’t feel right about faking a medical appointment. I have missed out on several opportunities because I couldn’t figure out how to go to interviews. How do other people deal with this? – ST


I immediately called a good friend and asked him if he submitted the question. He laughed and claimed he didn’t, but wished he had as it was the big dilemma he and others was facing in finding new employment. I agree with McIntyre’s answer, but as a woman who often juggled graduate school, full time practicum, and a full-time job (there are 24 hours in day people!); I am the queen of getting the flexibility I need. I think the best way is to be honest with whoever may be your future employer. Explain your vacation restrictions and request an interview before or after work. It may also be worth asking for a phone interview or a video interview instead. If that isn’t feasible, then you will have to give your boss a plausible explanation for missing a few hours. The best white lie I have developed is the “Life Appointment.” © That one phrase encompasses everything I may do in my time away from work. This is vague, and only works when you have clear strict boundaries with your boss. This line will also allow you the opportunity to go in for a second interview if one occurs (your supervisor may assume your appointment is medical or family related). I also think it’s worth sweetening the pot by telling your boss that you will work late the next day or come in early (after all, who wants to use other vacation time for a job interview).

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  1. Morning 🙂

    I think this is a problem a lot of people face, and battle with the moral implications of what to do. It used to be easier back in the days when l was working l think, and that’s not me specifically saying the 80’s and 90’s were better than our current time out of the phase of ‘oh l love the 80’s’ syndrome.

    I just think that back then employers were l think more honest and open, and not as hyper focused on squeezing every little bit of blood out of each individual employee as they seemingly do now.

    Back then l remember having days off, l could rely upon a regular time table, l could plan. Back then l had a proper hour lunch break and not 30 – 45 minutes only which is pretty darn restrictive on ‘lunch time freedom’. Back then l could approach my boss and say ‘any chance of a pay raise boss?’ without being looked upon like one of the unwashed – but equally l could say to a boss, ‘right l have a job interview do you mind if l attend?’ Many a time simply saying that could spark a line of interesting questions and you could start to see how much you were worth in that company’s eyes as to whether this too might prompt a pay raise.

    But now, working has become a very different ball game, it’s not enjoyable, it’s and can be hard tasking. we have very little trust in our employers any more, there are more redundancies, less work, and employers see this and manipulate our human fears of keeping a roof over our heads as a lethal weapon.

    I think you have to be savvy and run with whatever line, excuse or appropriate appointment you can think of, because nowadays seeking improved employment is like having a second job to your existing one.

    Good luck.

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  2. Just tell him. He might be prompted to make it worth your while to stay.

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  3. Cloud Walker says:

    Family leave? sick day, mental health day, personal time off ….

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  4. Life appointment … That’s a great line ! 👍

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