Real Life Rants

People are fighting hip hop and calling my generation the sellout generation. Are y’all crazy? Please! The old generation was freebasing while they raised us. James Brown was kicking his woman’s ass, Ike was beating Tina, and Magic was sexing groupies by the dozens. They were saying the same thing Snoop did, “Bitche’s ain’t s— but hoes and tricks. What? You thought we couldn’t see? Though we weren’t paying attention? Anybody who grew up in the eights or nineties knows the only thing we were taught was to get money. The Mack, SuperFly, Iceberg Slim, all that was old when I was young. So for the older generation who are so appalled, I ask, “What did you expect?” –Your Generation Left Us Nothing

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RANT To the transit driver who saw me running to catch his bus and deliberately closed the door before I could board, leaving me out in the deluge of rain while he drove off with me knocking on the door. I hope he does a better job in the future of leaving a positive impression on the many people he comes into contact with on a daily basis.

RANT The last four books I’ve read from KCLS libraries have had page corners turned down and creased throughout. Couldn’t you use a magazine coupon? A dollar bill? Or — novel concept — a bookmark? Stop permanently ruining library books.

RANT To the youth shelter in my neighborhood for not providing adequate supervision. Police and EMT are frequently called for arrests and medical interventions, and it’s common to see illegal drug use and fighting, yelling and cursing in the parking lot. We’ve reached out to the shelter many times, but haven’t received a response. The shelter provides a good service, but isn’t a good neighbor and doesn’t provide the guidance and oversight needed.

RANT  To the couple in a restaurant who played and laughed about YouTube videos loudly enough for others to hear. Sad that you can’t set technology aside long enough to enjoy a meal together and that you’re too rude to realize the selfish disturbance you created for those around you.



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3 Responses to Real Life Rants

  1. I would share all your rants. In fact I would not have kept quiet in the restaurant. During my running days I chased a London bus for two miles along a straight road, The driver had closed the doors just as I arrived at the stop. I was there at every stop along the way. He kept the doors closed and stared fixedly ahead. I gave up in the end, but I hope I made my point 🙂

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