Laksa Curry Soup Bowl



I discovered another Singapore Laksa Curry soup bowl in the pantry. I still laugh that they thought this box was two full servings. What a joke, but the joke would be on them as I have once again created a curry soup bowl on this cold winter day. Bon Appétit.

1 Box Singapore Laksa Curry1 Box Singapore Laksa Curry
Rice noodles
4 C of chicken broth
1 C of coconut milk
1 T chopped garlic
¼ medium red onion
1 jalapeno
1 knob of ginger
½ pound of shrimp
1 carrot cut into coins
1/4 medium red bell pepper
tbsp. peanut butter
Chili garlic sauce
Herbn’ Farm NW Basil sea salt
1 C sugar snap peas

Method: In pot add garlic, diced red onion, and bell pepper. Sautee in pan two to three minutes until fragrant. Pour chicken broth in pot, grate in fresh ginger, and bring broth to a boil. Once broth is boiling add coconut milk (I did not use the coconut powder that was included), soup base, seasoning packet, oil flavoring packet, peanut butter, chili garlic sauce, noodles, and an additional handful of your own rice noodles. Bring soup to boil. Add sugar snap peas and carrots. Season shrimp with basil sea salt and add shrimp to pot. Simmer for two to three more minutes. Ladle into bowl and top with cilantro.

Processed with MOLDIV


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