Professional Responsibilities 🌱

Practicum Instructors Evaluation :______is open to feedback and accepts both positive and negative feedback very well. She is looking to grow and therefore very open to growth. She is willing to be challenged. For example, when the youth set the fire at ______, ______ met with her and discussed the situation with her. She appeared to feel that she deserved another chance at staying at ______. However, after giving her further information that was learned, she realized that the youth was not appropriate for ______. This demonstrated a “harsh” side of social work and force ______ to think in a different manner. It also allowed her to process her feelings of having to turn one youth away for the safety of numerous other youth.

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I love my supervisors’ feedback. I am thankful for these hard-grey areas of social work because saying no isn’t always easy. It also did not escape me that seed was planted, and it would bloom into my popular “What Would You Do?” seminars.

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    • msw blog says:

      I believe Helen Keller, said it best “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” as a season license clinician I truly have a better grasp on these situations, and have helped many students process similar ones. Thanks for reading

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