Weight Watchers for Teens

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The headline jumped out at me like a wild, bright neon elephant in print: “Weight Watchers for Teens” This was worst than the fat report card, or perhaps just as heinous. I couldn’t figure it out right off the bat, so I had to sit down and read the article. My takeaway is that Weight Watchers is planning to offer free memberships to teens. Their marketing is bullshit “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” (what a joke). When you’re counting calories and participating in mandatory weigh-ins, it’s a diet. My argument is youth live by your example. They literally live by what you cook.  I don’t know one young adult (excluding homeless and foster youth) who buys groceries. I feel if you live healthfully and cook that way, your child will embrace that. You are your children’s role model. Parents need to understand food restriction as a pendulum — the further the pendulum swings one way (restriction) the further it’s eventually going to swing the opposite way (overeating). This restrict-binge cycle is the opposite of a moderate, balanced approach to food and eating. Weight Watchers is opening a door to numerous eating disorders and body dysphoria.

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6 Responses to Weight Watchers for Teens

  1. So sad! I had no idea about this. And I agree, this so called non-diet company is opening doors to a variety of body image issues for teens.

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    • msw blog says:

      It is very sad, that society is focusing more of body image, rather then health lifestyles. I also had no idea of this or the “fat” report cards schools sent home, until I read about them. Thanks for reading

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  2. Paola says:

    Not yet in Italy and I hope never 🙂

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