Advanced Generalist Practice

I have begun to do assessments and refer pregnant young adults to______ maternity support services. I have also continued with my previous duties of conducting new patient orientation interviews, writing a monthly column for the youth clinic’s newsletter, helping the youth apply for eligibility, and helping the staff learn the process of eligibility. I was able to link my summer course SW Advanced Generalist Practice work to my practicum site, because one of the assignments was to write an assessment/intervention paper. The assignment allowed me not only to interact with my practicum instructor a seasoned social worker, but also one of the clinic’s therapists. They both took time out to read and critique my paper and provided me with valuable professional feedback

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I still find working with an interdisciplinary team to be the best. One individual cannot solve all of a person’s care needs. I also find this to be a great way to learn about various social worker positions, build networks, and obtain references.


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  1. One individual cannot solve all of a person’s care needs.

    This is so true. All the best to you.

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