Reconnect with Your Soul


This very evening, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and reconnect with your soul. It is the larger Self, the source of the wisdom within you. Our soul never forgets what it came here to do. Ask yourself, how would I feel if I courageously let go all anger and disappointments about the past and my fear and anxiety about the future? How would I seek, serve and love this year If I believed I was perfectly and permanently secure in the arms of God? Sit with these questions for a few evenings and listen to your soul with an open heart. We stay stuck and fearful when we forget our own divinity, but as we come home to God in us, we began to trust the gentle kindness and a balance of the universe, the hardness in us softness, our fears dissolve. Solitude is essential for this clarity. It heals burnout, helps us renew and rebuild ourselves. In solitude, we rediscover our deepest desire, tap our creative genius. And in the stillness, we feel the hand of God guiding us always.
Be the light that was born as you. Begin by naming your dreams, what you do best, what gives you the most fulfillment. Visualize yourself living your dreams, lofty ones. Keep the vison strong by revisiting it often. Make a list of the actions required to achieve your goals, and step boldly onto the path. Our desires are the will of God for us. Wherever they take us, the grace of God will protect and fulfill us so listen inwardly and move forward, trusting that you are safe, that your every step is unerringly guided. No more rising around, no more stressful, debilitating worry. At the end of the day our lives will be a mirror of our dreams and desires- not the ones we shrank from and fearfully denied, but the ones we answered, to which we brought our energy and passion, and into which we breathed life, calmly trusting the perfection of God’s plan. – Susan Taylor

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3 Responses to Reconnect with Your Soul

  1. True words of profound wisdom, Susan and your write up was so inspiring. Too good.

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