What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

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What are your weaknesses? This question is fraught with opportunities to sink an interview. You should never answer the question with your weaknesses that are consistent with the key to success factors of the job that you are trying to obtain. When asked this question, I articulate some skill that I am currently working to improve my golf game and I am currently working to free up extra time to write. The question is “What is your weakness?” which means ay weakness is a fair game to discuss. You don’t have to point out a weakness that is related to work. If the interviewer really pushes you to give a work-related example, then you can say, “I tend to spend extra time at the margin, going over and over an assignment, when I have already determined It was right”

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6 Responses to What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

  1. I might have said my basic trust which is also my greatest strength.

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  2. Great way to answer that question. I have no patience with some of the questions that are asked.

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  3. Gail says:

    I say I’m extremely organized, which makes my family crazy, but it works in my favor in my professional life.

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