Pureed Green Bean Soup

Real Life of an MSW

I am 100% sure these green beans were meant for some holiday casserole or other amazing dish. However, as it often happens at the holidays, we get invited out a LOT and are often asked to bring something fun, amazing, and yummy (which is all code for your spouse is a chef could he bring this thing I saw in a magazine?). Well, that thing obviously didn’t include green beans.

I am very anti food-waste. As a little human growing up way below the poverty line, I spent more time dreaming about meals than actually eating them.

Back in the present, I had this four pound bag of Costco green beans. I poured myself a glass of wine as this was going hurt. I had to sort through the slimy and browning beans (even I have learned you can’t save everything), and after that I pulled out my trusty Soup…

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3 Responses to Pureed Green Bean Soup

  1. I don’t know why I’m not really a soup lover.

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