Constructive Criticism

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Most people will go out of their way to defend against criticism. Here are some tips to help you respond well and accept constructive feedback on the job.

  1. Stay calm and hear the person out. Try not to get upset or act defensively with feedback.
  2. Confirm your understanding of the situation. Make sure that you know the exact situation that your reviewer is discussing
  3. Be open to self-improvement and change. You must go into the review process open minded and try to benefit from it.
  4. Agree on how to move forward. Develop a plan with your reviewer to make any necessary improvements
  5. Thank the person for the feedback. Someone who has taken time to give feedback is looking for help.
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4 Responses to Constructive Criticism

  1. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Totally agree!

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  2. Criticism can, of course, be positive

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