Wise Woman

Being a wife and mother has made me fully human, because the key to mastering these roles is revealing what the world most wants  me to hide kindness, forgiveness, tolerance. Racism, sexism and classism don’t scare me. Weakness does, because weakness leads to failure and failure is not an option for those of us without trust funds. But I have learned that love, kindness and support are not synonyms for weakness- not if you choose  whom to love- Debra J. Dickerson

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2 Responses to Wise Woman

  1. Prior... says:

    The quote is wonderful – except for this part (IMHO)
    “failure is not an option for those of us without trust funds.”
    Because this person does not realize that the trust fund babies – or the Uber wealthy – need to also embrace the support and kindness that is mistaken as weakness – well I also am not sure I agree with the way failure is depicted here – with all this talk about “failing forward” it reminded me of semantics
    But I like the energy of the passage and can see much strength

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  2. msw blog says:

    I was glad to read that  American author Debra J. Dickerson, words allowed you a moment to pause, ponder and reflect. Thank you for sharing your opinion.


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