Excerpt from a Career Journal: Program Coordinator

Yesterday I had an interview for a Program Coordinator position at _______ shelter. It would be so wonderful if I could land this position. The position is two evenings a week and one weekend a month. I feel this position will help propel me into the role of a supervisor. It would also provide me with 40 hours more a month of clinical supervision. That will give me roughly an extra 480 hours annually (not even putting a dent into the numbers the state requires). I ask that if it is your will, I land this position.

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I did not get the Program Coordinator position. A part of me was pissed and shocked. _______ and I even had a nice dialogue about it, and why I was annoyed at the stupid ass question “Why are people poor?” I mean really what a fucking stupid question, and I am sure my face said as much. I am also sure such a question is a red flag…

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