What the Hell are Sunchokes ?

The little knobs of Sunchokes reminded me of alien mutated Ginger. It was one of the edible unfamiliar treasures in my new biweekly curated produce and pantry box. I wish I could have asked the local farmers what the hell they were, and the best way to prepare them. Since that was not an option, I went to my trusty friend Google. I quickly learned Sunchokes are often referred to as Jerusalem artichokes; however, they are not from Jerusalem, nor are they part of the artichoke family (am I the only one confused?). Sunchokes are the tuberous roots of a sunflower plant, and like sunflowers they come in various shades of colors ranging from light brown (as shown above) to a slightly reddish or purple-y hue.  I learned they can be served raw, roasted, fried, pureed into soups, or steamed.  I decided on roasting. Have you come across sunchokes, if so, how have you prepared them?


Peel sunchokes – remove as much skin as possible. Thinly slice as if you were slicing potatoes to make scalloped potatoes. Place in a bowl and toss in some minced garlic, some fresh ground pepper, a sprinkle of Pike Place Herbs, and toss in rosemary olive oil. Place in a cast iron skillet that you have rubbed down with one cube of compound butter (mine contains oregano). Place sunchokes in a skillet in an even layer. Roast them at 325, for 20 -30 minutes. At the 20-to-30-minute mark, flip them over, adding a little bit of the compound butter. Cook for an additional 10-15 minutes. Sprinkle with a dash of sea salt and toss in remaining compound butter. Bon Appetit.

Verdict- These were delicious. I would buy them again if I come across them.

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7 Responses to What the Hell are Sunchokes ?

  1. Sheree says:

    Sunchoke is a so much nicer name for them.

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    Sunchokes are great in green salads. Peel, slice, and add to the other ingredients and enjoy!

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  3. I love them. We call it “topinambur”

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