Journaling: Possibilities

What do you want out of life – for yourself and for your children? • What are your hopes, visions, and aspirations? • How far along are you toward achieving these? • What people or personal qualities are helping you move in these directions? • What do you like to do? • What are your special talents and abilities? • What fantasies and dreams have given you special hope and guidance? • How can I help you achieve your goals or recover those special abilities and times that you have had in the past

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6 Responses to Journaling: Possibilities

  1. Miriam says:

    Journalling gives us a lot of these answers doesn’t it. I write in my Gratitude Diary every night but I must admit I don’t delve into these sorts of questions.

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  2. Oh my, I can write a book with all those prompts! I won’t here but you’ve encouraged me to go upstairs and get my journal and write. I’ve not written in it since Monday. But thanks for this b/c it’s on now! 🙂

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