What the Hell are Pea Shoots

I have seen pea shoots before, but always as garnish. Pea shoots come from the pea plant, usually the snow or sugar snap pea varieties. They are harvested as young 2-to-6-inch shoots, including two to four leaf pairs and the immature tendrils. They may also include small flower buds. Pea shoots have a subtle pea flavor and a light and crunchy texture. I wondered how to use them outside of garnish. Google suggested “Pea shoots can be used fresh in salads, which is gaining in popularity, or traditionally in stir-fry, as with many Asian cuisines” I decided the best way to utilize this ingredient would be raw in a salad. I felt in adding the delicate leaves to a stir fry they would lose their snap and crunch. Have you come across Pea Shoots? If so, how have you utilized them in cooking?

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4 Responses to What the Hell are Pea Shoots

  1. I have never tried pea shoots. I might try growing them, I have never seen them for sale at my local shops.

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  2. adguru101 says:

    Also delicious as a quick sauté with a little olive oil and garlic.

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