Foster children: Support Social Workers

Re: “Lawsuit: Washington’s shuttling of foster kids fails them” [Jan. 29, Local News]:

The disturbing, draining and sometimes dangerous work — often done alone — that social workers do also needs attention. Policies and laws need changing to create a more trauma-informed and supportive environment for children, their families and social workers.

Systemic revamping is needed so social workers can do their job well and thrive. As it is now, they have impossible workloads with tremendous job-related stress. All this leads to burnout and resignations.

Along with the ideas for improvement mentioned in the article, two more could include in-office mental-health counselors available for social workers during the workday and adding assistants to team up with social workers. You don’t need a master’s degree in social work to drive children to their different appointments.

Hurrah for social workers who sacrifice so much to take care of our thousands of hurting, abused and developmentally disabled children. This crisis is too crucial to ignore any longer. The COVID-19 pandemic has and will increase caseloads. Contact your state legislators now on this urgent issue.

Laura LeDesky, Oak Harbor

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2 Responses to Foster children: Support Social Workers

  1. wynneleon says:

    I can’t imagine the load on social workers during this time. Love these good ideas for more support!

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    • msw blog says:

      The load for social workers, is truly often a heavy one to care throughout this pandemic. I too enjoyed this none clinical ways to help lighten the load it is my hopes many if not all of them will be implemented.

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