Tick Tock of Life

Tick tock, tick tock,
tick tock goes the clock.

It’s so rhythmic it’s
almost soothing.

It lulls you into a false
sense of security.

Tick another coffee.
Tock another meeting.
Tick another lunch.
Tock another quiet night in.

And before you know it, you’re so numb from the comfort of routine that you didn’t feel a thing as that great adventure called life slipped away like sand between your fingers.

But fear not, adventure has other plans.

Roll with them.

Embrace adventure, grasp it with both hands, until your knuckles turn pale.

Don’t let comfort take you down. Rise above routine and monotony.

Ride shotgun with fear and the unknown.

Don the uniform of the restless.

Get uncomfortable being comfortable.

And here’s the reward for the discomfort.

Your heart will be fuller, your compassion deeper, your horizons wider and your memoir way, way, better.

Before you die, make sure you have lived.

And never forget,
you only get one spin. – Aether

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3 Responses to Tick Tock of Life

  1. Since I’m studying the cardiovascular system, I’m hearing lub dub lub dub. 🤦🏾‍♀️

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