My grandson, a toddler on the go, and I, his grandfather with Parkinson’s, have a closeness around matters of motion. He knows that I can’t carry or lift him, so he climbs into my lap. It worries me that he might only think of me as “Papa on the couch.” Yesterday, I got off the couch with difficulty. Before I knew it, my grandson came up behind me, placing his hands behind my knees. He helped me walk, using all of his 30 pounds to support me. I was in tears. What do children see, feel and understand? Everything. — Larry Zelnick

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8 Responses to Love

  1. I love your response to his attempt to help. Children are so special in their ways= a whole lotta truth.

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  2. That’s beautiful. I find children have a wise innocence.

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  3. I love this. I have a niece that suffered a stroke while she was in the womb. So she has some malfunctions NOT disabilities. But that little girl encouraged you like a full adult. The way she looks at me and touch my face and say you’re beautiful always bring tears to my eyes.

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