Excerpt from a Career Journal: Balancing Act

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This is my second quarter of graduate school and I’ve realized I haven’t mentioned my dream of starting a nonprofit once. My focus and priorities have been on welfare policies and homeless youth. I recently decided I am going to accept a foundational practicum at homeless medical clinic. I have also joined the Student Advisory Council; I am a part of a team that will hold the faculty accountable to achieve the mission of the school of social work. In addition to that I have been accepted as a board member for ______youth and young adult advisory steering committee. One of the requirements for this position was one must have “Experience as a homeless youth/young adult.” I surely have been there or as the old folks say, “living from pillar to post.” Thank you, Lord, for saving me. The purpose of the board is to help homeless youth who are too sick to be on the streets or in regular shelters, but who are not sick enough to be in the hospital. The Board members may also help with related special projects such as interviewing homeless youth about their health needs and their visions for the program. I am looking forward to this this opportunity. I ask that you continue to provide for me in all capacities of my life and continue to walk me into my purpose.

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