If I Were President…

File:Seal of the Executive Office of the President of the United States  2014.svg - Wikimedia Commons

“I would start by valuing education.”

“If I were president, I would resign because y’all not about to stress me out and make my hair turn gray like Obama!”- Kalen Allen

“If I were president, I would do my very best to be a good listener.” – Ty Burrell

“I’d be more inclusive of all different walks of life and make sure their points of view are heard and represented in the government.”- Hilary Swank

I would create a world where my son can be himself and where he can thrive. We’ll leave it there.” – Kelly Rowland

“I would work to end racial and economic inequality and heal the planet and end global warming…it’s a long list! [And] I would try to impress upon people that you don’t need to despise somebody just because you disagree with them. It just seems like the climate is a little bit nastier now than it ever was—or maybe I’m just more closely attuned to it because I’ve gotten older and pay more attention.”

First, we pay teachers more than members of congress, since teachers are far more valuable. Second, I want an Amelia Earhart or Rosa Parks Day to prove to our daughters that men don’t get all the holidays. Third, Halloween is permanently on a Saturday. That last one is my daughter’s idea.” -Brad Meltzer

“The first thing that comes to mind is police reform and the justice system reform. I’m seeing too many people who look like me, whose lives are being cut short. It’s heartbreaking, it’s wrenching and it tears me apart inside. People talk about sanctity of life, but then people who look like me, their lives are taken just so carelessly.” -Dulé Hill

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