Expect and Extend Mercy

 When I complained that a friend’s choices were leading her deeper into sin and how her actions affected me, the woman I prayed with weekly placed her hand over mine. “Let’s pray for all of us.” I frowned. “All of us?” “Yes,” she said. “Aren’t you the one who always says Jesus sets our standard of holiness, so we should not compare our sins to the sins of others?” “That truth hurts a little,” I said, “but you’re right. My judgmental attitude and spiritual pride are no better or worse than her sins.” “And by talking about your friend, we’re gossiping. So—” “We’re sinning.” I lowered my head. “Please, pray for us.”

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Lordplease keep us from falling into the trap of comparing ourselves to othersMold us and make us more like You

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2 Responses to Expect and Extend Mercy

  1. I don’t know about expecting but surely extending is key.

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    • msw blog says:

      I am a firm believer that God will place you in your path to humble or as my young humans would say, “to check you” and this story does a wonderful job at showing one that looks like. Thank you for reading!

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