Brain Storming

Our first meeting involved 10 founders, 10 bottles of wine (yep), and three pizzas, and took place in a dark office in downtown Manhattan in 2017. The format was simple: Drink, eat, and let your guard down to talk honestly about what isn’t going well for you or your business — unsexy, non-­headline-worthy material. The conversation, when framed this way, was unstoppable. Anna Whiteman

Natural wine, explained - Vox
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7 Responses to Brain Storming

  1. adguru101 says:

    Smart. The big question for me is, how did anyone act on the insights?

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    • msw blog says:

      That is a wonderful question, that too would appreciate an answer to. I know for myself, I often take back constructive criticism and feedback, and sit with it for a spell, an reflect on it before I make change…


  2. Oh my I found me a white and a red wine that I like and I bought new wine glasses. I feel grown now.

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