Real Life Rants

RANT to cherry prices. I was in a supermarket in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area where Washington state red cherries were being sold at $2.79 per pound. I flew back to Seattle the next day and stopped at a supermarket owned by the same company in Edmonds where the price for Washington state red cherries (the same brand and packaging as in Colorado) are $4.99 per pound. This makes ZERO sense! Washingtonians are being gouged for our own state’s cherries.

RANT to a lack of raincoats. While shopping at Bellevue Square, we were shocked to see that there were no raincoats for sale. In rainy Seattle?

RANT to the self-centered people who leave cans, bottles, snack-bar wrappers and other litter all over our beautiful parks and shorelines.

RANT to our economy. I just spent $15 for ONE sandwich. Yes, I was hungry and lazy. But, $15 for one sandwich (includes tip)?!? Heavens, when I started my first job in 1966 at 75 cents an hour (yeah, you read that right), today’s sandwich meant 20 hours of work in 1966. My burger joint was selling hamburgers at 10 cents each. My sandwich today would have bought me 150 burgers! Heavens, yes, it’s 55 years ago, but what has happened to our economy? Is that kind of price differential reasonable? It’s no wonder that people are struggling!

RANT to neighbors who are capable but don’t mow their lawns in a timely manner, let their weeds go to seed all over the neighborhood and don’t clean up the tree debris that litters the sidewalk and street. It’s not a good look and I don’t want your weeds.

RANT to software updates that are not necessarily improvements. I had to change browsers on which I do my online banking, since the most recent update caused the secure browser, that I had been using for years, to no longer be able to display the site. Another update dropped the tone that signals the firm connection of the charger to my tablet to nearly inaudible from what had been a sharp clear tone.

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4 Responses to Real Life Rants

  1. Apparently a cabbage costs $18 in parts of Australia

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  2. This made me think of cherries. I use to love fruit. I would be it often. Now that it’s just me I find myself not buying nor eating fruit enough.

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    • msw blog says:

      You can often find small servings at the farmers market. I also learned if you wash and store fruit in a glass bowl in the refrigerator you are more likely to consume it at least that’s how it works in my household.

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